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Up in the Air: Feature in blue wings magazine on the new wave of Social Entrepreneurs

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Happy 2015! 2014 was a fulfilling, inspiring and unpredictable year for me in many ways: re-connecting with colleagues and editors, brainstorming new ideas and projects, dusting off the creative cobwebs after 18 months of maternity leave, stepping out of my comfort zone in reaching out to new and interesting people, travelling to exotic and crazy places and completing a creative writing course in Berlin with a British Author, which I had long promised myself.

A few months before the sun set on 2014, I had those ‘aha’ moments to write a story about not just what social entrepreneurs do, but rather how and why they do what they do and to profile a wonderful social enterprise right here from Berlin. I pitched this idea to my editor at blue wings, the in-flight magazine of Finnair, one of my favourite magazines to write for as it is so forward-thinking, colourful and relevant. My editor said “Yes, go for it”.

This led me to re-connect with a woman I first met four years ago in Berlin. We’d shared a co-working space CHATEAU FOU in Mitte: I was fresh in the writing and communications world and she had just started receiving deliveries of the first batch of hand-made leather Berber bags and iPad pouches from Morocco which stunk out our entire office! She was just getting started with her business and used the office to host private viewings, meetings and as a bag storage warehouse of sorts. Fast forward to 2014 and here she was at the helm of one of Europe’s most innovative social enterprises and now with Ecuador to add to the list of places where ancient handicrafts are being given a new lease of life through modern,sustainable design and payment and a global audience.

Here is the story in the December edition of blue wings. Social Entrepreneursbw.pdf

Enjoy the read.


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