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New work – Cover Story in Renegade Collective Magazine “Lean In/Getty Images Collaboration to remove

It’s available in hard copy all over Australia, at Barnes & Nobel in the US, lots of other places around the world (including oddly, Mauritius). Or via magshop or zinio for ipad.

But first, a little back story about the story.

As luck would have it, I had organised the phone interviews with Sheryl’s right hand lady at Lean In and the Getty project Manager in New York right around the time Noah was starting pre-school. On that day in March,his preschool teacher called me to pick him up early as he was having a rough day.

I couldn’t reschedule the interviews as I had no other babysitting, so I had to do them at home. With Noah in the background, crying with a pooey nappy, food strewn on the floor and the postman ringing the doorbell I could not have felt more unprofessional, embarrassed and chaotic.

After all that writing and research,I found out later my story had been canned by the magazine in the UK where it was supposed to be published. Not to be dejected because after all these years of writing, I’ve built up T-Rex-like spikes, tail and slithery skin so I didn’t give up finding a home for it, because I felt the story had legs (even if they were hairy).

On a visit back home in August, in Sydney I had the chance to meet with Lisa Messenger, the CEO of Messenger Publishing and Chief Ed of the Renegade Collective magazine. A truly inspiring woman who really lives and breathes ideas,energy and excitement. She recently got selected by Richard Branson to hang out with him and other luminaries at his pad on Neckar Island.

Anyways, I chatted with Lisa about my crazy ideas and she seemed to like them…

Read on and please do comment!



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