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Keeping in Touch

As brick-like cellphones, Sony Walkmans and Casio Synthesisers of the 1980s are all but relegated to the gadget graveyard, Gen-Y tech-savvy designers and inventors are sharing their visions for a more sensory new mobile world.

How many times have you wished that you could send that someone special more than just a smiley in an e-mail, or see them through a Skype call?

Well, thanks to German gadget designer, Fabian Hemmert, the technology to enable us to interact physically with one another is finally here.

Intimate Mobile Phones (currently in the prototype phase) will enable mobile phone users to physically feel a kiss, touch or sigh. For example, the “crying phone” uses a wet sponge inside the phone, so when a caller plants a kiss or sheds a tear, the person at the other end will feel the kiss or the tears.


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