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How Packaging-Free Supermarket Are Changing The Way We Shop

''Bring your glass jars and paper bags.

The idea of “waste not, want not” has been drummed into us since we were children. We were taught to finish our dinner before we had to get up off the table and throw the scraps in the bin. Even at most Australian primary schools, rubbish monitors made sure everyone threw away their rubbish at recess.

While most of us may have forgotten these small acts of environmental activism from our childhood, two women in Berlin certainly have not. Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wolf have taken that mantra to an entirely new level: creating Original Unverpackt, Berlin’s first supermarket without any disposable packaging. Original Unverpackt, roughly translates as “Original Unpacked”. “We’re not just another ‘option’ to the big supermarket chains; we are a real alternative. We think it’s time to redesign the shopping experience – no piles of packaging after every shopping trip. No fights over who’s going to take out the garbage,” said co-founder Milena.

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