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Berlin’s Newest Co-Working Spot, Mindspace, Comes Of Age

Behind the scenes at Berlin’s newest co-working space.

On first blush, it seems like a quintessential co-working space: there’s lots of laptops but the clickety-click-click of the keyboards seems less dominant. There’s exposed metal pipes without being too clinical or cold. There’s a 1960s-inspired bar in the middle of the room with forest-green book shelves while the quirky vintage Singer sewing machine in the corner somehow suits the bike racks hanging like a marionette.

The last decade has seen a boom in co-working spaces in Europe’s creative hub. Many, me included, remember working from gritty St Oberholz in Mitte back in 2009, which attracted new-media freelancers and startup entrepreneurs or stints at Betahaus in Kreuzberg, which is the home of coders and IT specialists. New spaces are sprouting up left, right and centre. Mindspace is Berlin’s first non-German operated co-working space. According to Tel-Aviv based founder, Dan Zakai, his company searched for locations outside of Israel, and selected Hamburg in Germany’s north for the space’s first European incarnation before following suit in Berlin.

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