Katja Pantzar Editor at Blue Wings Magazine, Finland

Petra’s writing is of an excellent standard – she adheres to deadlines, goes the extra mile to finish research or an interview and importantly, can accept constructive feedback.

Sarah Lochting Vice President of Communications, Getty Images

Petra’s cover story (for the Renegade Collective Magazine) on Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In campaign collaboration with Getty Images was a really fantastic piece, one of the best I have seen to date.

Martiene Raven Co – Founder, Hellow Network, Berlin

Thanks to the excellent moderation of Petra Zlatevska for the second Hellow Berlin Talk: Woman in Leadership. A diversity of subjects was discussed including ‘what does diversity actually mean?’, to a the benefits and disadvantages of quotas, and the need for paternity leave to help women re-enter the workforce. Petra’s introduction of these timely themes, her clear style of speaking and ability to professionally dissect the issues, engage the audience as well as manage four panellists from different countries, made this a successful and inspiring event.

Channa van der Brug

Petra chaired a session on e-learning for children at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, a global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training in December 2014. I found her to be a professional, adaptable and engaging facilitator. She was able to bring her enthusiasm and insights to the event, ensuring both panellists and all participants were involved in a lively Q & A during the session.

Sigurjon Einarsson

Petra’s work and preparation as Master of Ceremonies for our documentary film premieres (of A Name is a Name) at the State Theatre in Sydney and the Astor Theatre in Melbourne was second to none. She familiarised herself with the ins and outs of the film, did a wonderful introduction to the film and led a stimulating audience Q +A. She is professional, personable, and with her language skills, a real asset to any large-scale event.

Jürgen Siebert

Petra was the October speaker (in 2015) at our Creative Morning Berlin Breakfast lecture series. Her talk on the differences between German and Australian culture was a hit with our audience – she spoke with the right mixture of personal stories, weaving it in with intelligent, on point cultural observations and humour – she speaks with such passion and energy, it was definitely a highlight of the calendar for that year!

Raimund Walch
Partner, Wendler Tremml Anwälte/Lawyers, Berlin

Petra’s legal work and research for the publication of the English-German Guide to Doing Business in Germany was excellent. It was a challenging project from beginning to end. From developing the concept and content, to researching all the legal terminology, writing the drafts and finally, working on the revisions before we sent the final version to the publisher. I would recommend her for any in-depth academic book writing project.

Karl – Michael Schmidt
Director International Summer School on Mediation and Negotiation, Humboldt University, Berlin

Petra brings passion, enthusiasm, preparation and most importantly, knowledge to every one of her lectures. She has an interesting and personable approach that resonates with students, and takes the time to seek out feedback from her peers and students. I would recommend her as a guest Lecturer.

Uwe Tiefenbach, Account Manager, Thornehope Marketing,Shanghai

Petra is a true natural at speaking in public. We were looking for a native english MC to moderate the Huawei Stage at the Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industry trade fair. We were impressed with her professionalism, work ethic and sense of humour that she brought to all that she did before, during and after a long week at the Messe.