Darkness and Light. Time and Place in the life of a refugee

His body, lying flat. His arms and limbs, lifeless. This was the picture of that little boy whose life was taken by the sea, a little boy who compelled the world to sit up and take not just notice. But action. He was not just a photo. He was and always will be, a boy. His name was Aylan. His older brother Galip and his mama, they too were taken by the sea, for all the world to see.  I was wondering how to approach this blog post, as I had started it a few days before the little boy’s death when news emerged of the plight of the Syrian refugees who perished in a truck at the hands of human traffickers .And now I have added in some other parts to reflect my anger, hope and pride not just as a writer, but also as a mama, at what is happening in Berlin and Germany with the tide of new refugee arrivals.

My Global Faces of the Future Series Launch : David Mikkelsen, Co – Founder of Refugees United, Copenhagen

Sometimes you have no idea where life will take you.   Back in 2010 I was in Munich, having been invited to attend the DLDwomen conference with global media, NGO and  business leaders. I met two cool brothers from Denmark who told me about their charity and their journey in creating it. Their experience really struck a chord with…