What started as a humble blog to share tips on her journey to zero waste has created a revolution.

“This is it, this little jar,” she remarks casually. Sitting in front of me at an intimate gathering in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg is Bea Johnson. Her name may not ring a bell. Yet. But this is the Franco-American blogger and author who, driven by her passion to eliminate wasteful packaging, has created a 21st century kind of job at the fault line of environmental activism, consumer awareness and entrepreneurship.

The contents of that inconspicuous little jar she refers to is the only non-recyclable, non-food related waste that her family of four produced in 2015. It is easy to dismiss that jar as a fraud, I thought. Surely her family bury their rubbish in their backyard or in their neighbour’s rubbish bin. What started as a humble blog to document her family’s journey from a lifestyle characterised by excess and waste (notably her husband’s golf clubs, lawn mower and 4WD) to a (much) more simple one, in the wake of her husband’s job change in Silicon Valley, California, has gone well beyond her wildest dreams.

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