As brick-like cellphones, Sony Walkmans and Casio Synthesisers of the 1980s are all but relegated to the gadget graveyard, Gen-Y tech-savvy designers and inventors are sharing their visions for a more sensory new mobile world.

How many times have you wished that you could send that someone special more than just a smiley in an e-mail, or see them through a Skype call?

Well, thanks to German gadget designer, Fabian Hemmert, the technology to enable us to interact physically with one another is finally here.

Intimate M obile Phones (currently in the prototype phase) will enable mobile phone users to physically feel a kiss, touch or sigh. For example, the “crying phone” uses a wet sponge inside the phone, so when a caller plants a kiss or sheds a tear, the person at the other end will feel the kiss or the tears.

These innovative devices give new meaning to “being in touch.

Read more of the article here.

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