Up in the Air: Feature in blue wings magazine on the new wave of Social Entrepreneurs

Happy 2015! 2014 was a fulfilling, inspiring and unpredictable year for me in many ways: re-connecting with colleagues and editors, brainstorming new ideas and projects, dusting off the creative cobwebs after 18 months of maternity leave, stepping out of my comfort zone in reaching out to new and interesting people, travelling to exotic and crazy places and completing a…


New work – Cover Story in Renegade Collective Magazine “Lean In/Getty Images Collaboration to remove se*ist portrayals of women in media”

Here is the full text of my cover story from the November edition of the Renegade Collective magazine on Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In collaboration with Getty Images to stamp out sexist portrayals of women in media.


It’s available in hard copy all over Australia, at Barnes & Nobel in the US, lots of other places around the world (including oddly, Mauritius). Or via magshop or zinio for ipad.

Cover Story- Lean In and Getty Images


It’s ok to bawl in the Bäckerei and a few other things Berlin taught me about Motherhood (Part One)

Thought I’d disappeared, gone to a kibbutz or started an underground urban gardening co-operative the last few years? Not really. Truth be told, I had a baby in Germany in mid – 2012 and spent eighteen months on maternity leave in Berlin.

Reflections on the unpredictability of life as a new mum in Berlin and what happens post-maternity leave.


Nice day for a white Wedding : Berlin’s ugliest but most charming suburb

„Wo ick wohne? Wie alle feine Leite, Berlin W. hinten mit en ‚Ding‘! –?? – Na Mensch, vastehste nich, Berlin Wedding!“ – Hans Ostwald, Der Urberliner “4€, bitte” the man said chirpily. “Entschuldigung, nochmal ? ” I asked, incredulous about the price. “Ja, 4€” he repeated. I handed over the coins, wondering  in the process…


The Warts And All Version Of Starting a Writing Career In a Brand New Country

  I’ve been thinking about writing a lot lately. Which is different to actually writing. Firstly because it is just on two years since I finished myIntegrationskurs (German language and cultural orientation course).With my last exam (‘Write a letter to your old school teacher and tell him/her what you have been doing recently’) fertig, my…


A slice of Expat Life

A few months ago during the cold, dark Berlin winter, there was a little ray of sunshine that brightened it up. The lovely Valerie Khoo, Sydney-based award-winning  Journalist, Director of the Sydney Writer’s Centre and Editor of Latte Magazine (the magazine of Business Chicks – Australia’s largest female business and mentoring network) got in touch. She wanted to know if I would…