On Creativity

“Creative imagination awakens early. As children, we are all ‘makers’. Later, as a rule, we’re broken of the habit; so the art of being a creative writer consists, among other things, in not allowing life or people or money to turn us aside from it.”

– Stig Dagerman (1923-1954), Swedish Philosopher


Pure and Simple

Because I am the world’s best procrastinator, I thought it high time I just post a post, for the sake of posting. Posterous offers the ease of dispatching prose from my computer or from an internet cafe or from my iphone anywhere in the world without having to login to an annoying software system. Blogging…

Kultura: Music, featherboas and rollerskates means carnival in Berlin

Fluoro green and gold headdresses worn by bum-shaking Barbadians. Kitschy Hungarian folk dancers calling themselves “The Moustache”. Catchy Palastinan tunes getting everyone belly dancing. Happy house blaring from a nightclub float with a legion of ravers in tow. Rio? Nope. New Orleans? Kind of. In fact it’s Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Kreuz-kölln (the undefined no man’s…

Understanding Psychology

Carl Gustav Jung, a psychiatrist and the founder of the methodology of analytical psychology (among other things), stated that in order to understand psychology you had to possess knowledge in the following fields: philology, history, archeology, mythology, folklore studies, ethnology, philosophy, theology, children psychology and biology!