Welcome to my page.

You’re here because you want to know a little more about who I am. That is a great question!

I’ve been passionate about communication as a meaningful way to make connect with people, ever since I can remember.

Whether it was concocting comedy sketches as an eleven year old and performing them with my friends in front of the whole school assembly, preparing a funding application as an intern in Peru for a group of Australian nuns running a charity in a Lima slum who needed more money for their women’s micro financing project or writing my welcome speech as Master of Ceremonies for a documentary film premiere in Sydney in front of 900 people (while surviving multiple panic attacks) .

Within a year of arriving in Berlin in 2009 for an intended post-GFC, year-long sabbatical (which never ended), Hubert Burda Media Germany recognised my career achievements by giving me a Young Creative award. With this prize, I was able to attend the gathering of global media,business and creative leaders at  the DLDwomen Conference in 2010 in Munich.

Prior to relocating to Berlin, in my past life, I was a litigation lawyer and policy advisor in Sydney. I previously interned the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights  in Geneva and worked for the Australian Trade Commission in Peru.

For some people it’s maths. Or physics. My thing has always been languages. I am fluent in French, Macedonian and German and have an excellent understanding of Spanish.



With a unique mix of dynamic, professional, and personable presenting style honed by years of legal training and public speaking, as well as my uncanny language skills, this has meant I have been asked to speak  at all kinds of events ranging from the Australian Embassy in Berlin to a Creative Mornings breakfast talk as well as a media speaker and have been interviewed on Deutsche Welle TV as a podcast guest as well as being profiled in other media.

Hand in hand with speaking, goes moderation (or MC’ing) . Where I shine is at large-scale conferences and have a few already under my belt, including the Online Educa conference, the world’s largest online learning conference and at the Hannover Messe,  the world’s largest industrial  fair. I also moderate corporate workshops across the media, business and tech sectors.



In my commissioned writing  and journalism work, I combine a distinctive voice with a versatile writing style and journalistic rigour.I’ve written long-form essays, features and interviews on topics as diverse as adult games for Wired UK, a story based on interview with New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris in madison Australia,  as innovation, digital culture and tech columnist for Finnair’s in-flight magazine bluewings magazine and culture including an interview with prolific American celebrity photographer Just Loomis, amongst others. In my creative  communications projects, I have translated MTV music videos from German into English, written profiles of film directors for a creative agency and researched 21st century language learning trends and presented these findings in workshops.

I have completed a creative writing course in Berlin with Clare Wigfall, an award-winning author and BBC Short Story Winner.



My legal training has equipped me with a host of helpful skills and one of the ways I apply them  is in an educational setting:  I am currently a Visiting Lecturer at the faculty of Law at Potsdam Universität. I have also devised and taught numerous courses including Business Negotiation, Legal English, Advanced English and Cross-Cultural Communication Skills at other renowned German universities.  As a published author, I wrote a German-English Guide to Business, as well as being an editorial advisor for a book on European sustainability projects.  My  LLM research paper was selected to be presented as part of a legal conference panel in Brussels.



Check out Nathan’s Bequest, a Sydney – based charity with which I have had a long standing involvement. Under the leadership of Silverchair bass guitarist Chris Joannou, we are working to spread the message that mental health is not a choice as we seek to raise awareness of depression and prevent youth suicide.